Handbags & wallets

Leather craftsmanship

Jadoul is the name of a brand project I hope to launch. I paint and I make handbags,
these are my first prototypes. My goal is to bring out an exclusive handbags collection, one of a kind*, handmade and hand-painted.
I hope I will soon start my first collection, so please share it if you love it. Thanks!

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Oil on canvas

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Dreams in wonderworld

*Each of these prototypes has been created in Photoshop and is not real, nor for sale.


ART - LOVE - Beauty

"Most important thing,
having fun in what I do"

Both painting and designing are my daily passion. Not only in my private life, but also at work I love creativity.

I work as a webdesigner and I hope to turn my passion into my profession.

My goal is to create an exclusive handbags collection, hand painted, all one of a kind, crafted with love and passion.

I started painting at the age of 14, as a scholar in Fine Arts at LUCA School of ART in Brussels. After that I got a master of Visual Communication at the same school.

Then I evolved from doing small jobs to larger projects. My main focus had been on web design but I gained more and more inspiration for painting ethnic themes, mythological sceneries, icons, fashion and still lives.

I wanted to combine these ethnic themes with something more tangible, more like a product. With my everlasting passion for Art and fashion and the balance between those two, I started to focus on the fashion world.
Considering Art mainly to be found in museums and galleries, I thought about a different way to give life to paintings, that paintings should be more exposed to their audience in a natural way, swapping a cotton canvas to a leather one to create an object with an exceptional eye for the detail : "The handbag".


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